Friday, January 21, 2011

For the Birds ~ Book and Activities for the Week of January 24th (Oooops, I forgot to post this yesterday!)

Next week we will be using the book Edward the Emu, written by Sheena Knowles and illustrated by Rod Clement, as our focus book.

Tired of being an emu, Edward decides to try being like other animals at the zoo, but he soon discovers that being himself is the best after all.

We may not get to start our activities until Tuesday, because our snow days threw me off this week and I didn't get the book ordered until today. It is coming from another library, so it may be a few days before we get it.

The majority of our activities come from the following website:

We will be doing the following:

Emu facts ~ We will learn facts about emus here. At the same time she will color a coloring sheet and write in facts.

Map Skills ~ As we read the story we will draw a map of all the animals Edward visits.

Measurement ~ We will make several playdough snakes and then measure them.

Charting ~ We will make a chart of the different shapes in the book.

Time ~ We will discuss time, as in 'next day', 'that night', 'morning at nine'. We will use her calendar so she can show me which day I am describing. We will also use a time dry-erase flip book that I picked up in the $1 bin at Target to talk about time.

Craft ~ We will make a paper plate emu.

Join us!

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