Monday, January 10, 2011

Caw Caw ~ A study of a crow

Our house sits on the edge of a bluff. There are large, mature trees all down the bluff. There area also large black birds that fly about those trees.

When we first got our puppies, they were only about 2 pounds. While potty-training them we built a cage for them to use because these birds would swoop down and get field mice out off our property. We didn't want our puppies to suffer the same fate.

I always thought they were some type of eagle.

A month or so ago some of these large black birds were in our neighbors' backyard. They were not eagles. I suspected they were crows. But they were huge! We also thought they might be ravens. They looked an awful lot like something Edgar Allen Poe would have had for a pet.

So I started doing some research.

After reviewing the pages of my Handbook of Nature Study, I was pretty sure they really were crows.

The leaves had all fallen off our trees and the crows' nest started to be exposed. And then we started to notice the very definite "caws" of the crows.

Brynne and I read the book Crow's Call written by Lois Lowry and illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline. It is a beautiful book. In one illustration crows are flying over a bluff with tall trees, just like at our house.

I am glad this mystery is solved!

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