Thursday, January 6, 2011

For the Birds ~ Book and Activities for the Week of January 10th

What a great time we had this week reading All About Birds and doing all of the activities! We also read Bird Eggs and Crow Call (written by Lois Lowry and illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline) for additional study. The activities turned out great and we have a good start on our For the Birds wall in our schoolroom. Check back tomorrow on our Weekly Wrap-up to see what all we did!

Next week's book goes from non-fiction to purely fun fiction with Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems. Brynne has become a huge fan of the pigeon books, as well as many of Willems' other series.

So, go check out Don't the Pigeon Drive the Bus from your library and join us in the following activities this next week:

Monday ~ Read the book and use the Discussion Questions at the Reading to Kids website. We will also visit the All About Birds site to learn more about pigeons, listen to their calls and watch videos of them.

Tuesday ~ We will make a bus shape craft. I will give her a yellow rectangle and square for the bus, black circles for the wheels, 4-5 blue squares for the windows, a triangle for the driver's window, small beige circles for her to make students in the bus windows, and some small light blue circles and an orange peak for her to make a pigeon in the driver's seat window.

Wednesday ~ We will make a storyboard for Brynne to illustrate ways she could try to convince me to let her do something. Reading to Kids has all of the specifics about this idea.

Thursday ~ We will make a bus snack using graham crackers, yellow frosting, Crispix cereal for the windows and mini oreos for the wheels.

Let me know if you plan to join in on the fun!

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