Thursday, April 21, 2011


Before we pulled Brynne out of public school, she had a little boy in her kindergarten class named Joshua. He was struggling and for various reasons, and after much prayer, his parents decided to pull him out of public school and homeschool him. I talked with them at length on the day they were pulling him out. They had that "terrified" look parents get (especially moms) when faced with the daunting task of schooling their child. They had questions. I had few answers. But the one thing I could give them was encouragement.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks Heather and I corresponded by e-mail. Again, she had questions and I had encouragement. I know that I felt such a deep connection to her through our recent shared experience.

I found out today that while driving home to take her out on a date last Friday night, her husband was killed in a car accident.

I am sure that she is more terrified right now than she has ever been in her life ... the uncertainty of her future .. the uncertainty of the futures of her children.

I am crying for her today.

You see, in this world of homeschooling we are more than moms and dads and kids teaching and learning. We are a family, a close community.

Please pray for Heather and her children.


  1. Oh tragic ...just rocks your world. I'll pray for them and you as you minister to them.

  2. :( That is so sad. I am praying for Heather and her children and her husband's family.


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