Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time and Money Tabletop Pocket Chart by Patch Products {Review}

Several months ago I received an offer from CSN to review the products of my choice. I couldn't resist getting some free homeschooling resources. I have already reviewed some of the things I purchased, and you can read those reviews by going here (the Your Backyard review was for a different company).

This time my review is for the Time and Money Tabletop Pocket Chart by Patch Products. Brynne has loved this! After she used it the first time she said, "That was a fun math program about time. It was so fun!"

We have only used the Time components of the pocket chart. We will start using the Money components next week.

Here are some of the ways we used it ...

I inserted picture cards into the pockets representing her typical school day schedule. She chose digital times for when she does those activities and then the analog time that was the closest.

I put analog times in the pockets and she had to choose the digital times to match.

I mixed up the digital and analog times and she had to unmix them to put them with their correct match.

I would highly recommend this product, especially if you have a hands-on kind of child. Brynne loves bookwork, but she also loves to reinforce it with hands-on activities.

Great product!

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