Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oklahoma Aquarium

Dawson started a new unit on Oceanography with is study of the Age of Exploration. He suggested that we go to the Oklahoma Aquarium. Because it is mucho expensive, we squeezed in a quick trip on Tuesday because it was the last Homeschool Day of the school year and the price was greatly reduced.

We had planned to go to an educational class that afternoon about Oklahoma Aquatics, but Pizza Hut was calling our names so we did that instead.

For me, a fish is a fish is a fish. Perhaps if we were doing a fish study I would be more interested. But for some reason aquariums have never interested me much. Dawson and Brynne enjoyed it, though. Brynne observed every single exhibit and wanted to know what everything was. Of course her favorite was Nemo.

Dawson was the only one brave enough to touch things and feed the turtles.

We did learn a few things, like: All clown fish start out as males and when their one female dies, a male transforms into a female; Male seahorses carry the babies in their pouch; and, a group of bullfrogs are called an Army.

It was a nice day so we went for a quick walk along the riverfront before heading to Pizza Hut.

We needed a day out. It was great!

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