Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NEXT Year's Curriculum

You would think that with the end of the year approaching, and my energy and enthusiasm waning, that I would be thinking of anything but not thinking of curriculum.

However, with payment from my most recent contracted job I was able to order some of next year's curriculum. And, it's started arriving. It gets me so excited because, although we will be following the same basic structure in our homeschooling, the subjects will be so much meatier. Plus our main focus will be American History and I can't wait to dig deeper into it (since I snoozed through most history classes in my life.) Even Brynne's 2nd grade curriculum will be American History based. I can't wait to have my 9th grader and 2nd grader studying the same topics (at their own levels, of course.) Those two minds working tandem ought to make for an interesting year!

I'm also pumped up about Dawson switching to Teaching Textbooks for Algebra. He has been doing Life of Fred, and it was totally necessary when we switched to it from Saxon. However, last week he came to me and said that his math is too easy. He said it's not that it's too easy, it's just that there aren't enough practice problems. (Huh??? Did I hear that right? Did my 14 year old student who prefers minimal work say that he wants more work? I even asked him twice and he said, "yes!") After seeing that many homeschool moms, whom I admire, love Teaching Textbooks, I decided to look into it. I was pretty sold after watching the demos and was going to order a used set. But, then I saw that the new version coming out in July does automatic grading and gradebooking. For and extra $65?? Totally worth it to me! So I put in my pre-order.

How about you? Have you started purchasing next year's curriculum? What are you most excited about studying???


  1. Oh yes, I am very familiar with the excitement of planning, pondering, preparing for another year...
    my technique is much different now though, cuz the curriculum I stumbled across 2 yrs ago provides the full 12 more purchasing, but I can plan how I apply it *cheesy grin*
    We will be heading into the Lewis & Clark expedition next year... and we are looking forward to it. =)

  2. I smiled when I saw this post about planning for next year. I am chomping at the bit, but I am trying to make myself stay focused on what we have to finish this year. I love all the planning that goes with getting ready for the new year and it could take over everything if I let it.

    My soon-to-be 14 yo has decided to go back to school in the fall and will be a freshman. This leaves me with a 12 yo at home. We have circled back to the Ancients for next year and he is very excited about that. I also know we will be doing Biology and I think I know which program I will be getting for that. He will be starting Saxon Algebra I in the fall. Barb at the Harmony Art Mom blog has a free Geography study that I think we might use. I'd also like to add more art and cooking and other hands-on activities.

    My younger son likes the hands on activities more, so I hope with only him at home I will do a better job of incorporating them.



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