Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ "Time" of "Testing"

Well, this one is late! We had such a beautiful weekend here this weekend that we spent it outdoors doing gardening and yard projects. I didn't have my usual day of sitting in my chair, catching up on DVR'd shows while planning lessons, inputting grades and posting my wrap-up. I am starting this week feeling behind!

While Dawson is working on some vocabulary cards for our new read, Swiss Family Robinson, I thought I'd work on my wrap-up.

Dawson ~ 8th Grade

We finished up our unit on The Middle Ages last week, and that usually means watching some videos and doing some cooking. We watched King Arthur and Tristan and Isolde and Dawson cooked spaghetti with garlic and herbs and herb tomato crostini for our family for dinner on Thursday night.

He took lots of tests to finish the unit, two language arts review tests and his Science test. I typically prepare a study guide for Dawson on his units and then a pretty difficult test. This science one was over plant science from the whole unit and he only got a 71% on it. He probably could have studied more, but the test really was pretty hard. There was lots of information!

He also worked on doing some paraphrasing of a passage of scripture from the King James Version. The monks in the Middle Ages did a lot of this.

He worked on his whittling project, starting a knife.

I've also not been getting too frustrated with his excessive Xbox 360 playtime, because he has been playing lots of the game Fable which is set in the Middle Ages. It actually reinforces what he is learning.

The rest of his subjects are coming along nice and steady.

Brynne ~ 1st Grade

Brynne had a busy week, as usual, despite the issue she had to deal with at the end of the week.

Her letter-of-the-week was "S" and she did her usual written work and read her books independently. She also started off the week going to a Swimming party, got to go Swinging with her friends and to a pretend Sleepover and Sowed her garden. It was definitely a week of "S" activities!

Brynne's math lessons this week were over Time. She made a paper plate clock that she used extensively! It turned out to be a great learning tool! She read lots of Living Books about time and did some worksheets, all while using her paper plate clock for reinforcement. She learned to tell time to the 5 minutes, and learned about A.M. and P.M.

We read the book The Perfect Nest and did lots of nesting activities. A highlight as watching the live feed of the Bald Eagle and her nest in Virginia. As a matter-of-fact, she is supposed to have an egg hatching today!

We made a couple of different kinds of nests:

Edible nest with peanut butter, pretzels and white m&m's

Yarn nest made by dipping yarn into glue and molding to bottom of a bowl covered in saran wrap.

We will finish the yarn nest project this week by making blown eggs and dying them, because with Brynne not feeling well at the end of the week we didn't get to it last week.

We are also sad to report that the nest that is on our back patio, the one that almost constantly has bird eggs in it, fell this weekend. Now there is no nest. The birds had just continued to add to it over the years and it got too top heavy and fell. I was afraid that was going to happen. I hope they will rebuild! It's a highlight of our spring and summer to see new baby birds in that nest! We provided some nesting balls for our little birdie friends, so maybe that rebuild with those supplies.

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  1. My son LOVES that whittling book. Of course, I think the first thing he made was the lemonade! He has made several small things like a spreader for jam and some little animals. He is working on a few more animals this week (in his bedroom - shavings every where!)

    The dinner looks yummy!

    I like the yarn nest that Brynne made.



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