Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Last year, in my garden, I had the most amazing sunflowers! They were huge and beautiful and enhanced my garden so much! Brynne took the head of a sunflower to school (when she was still in school), so that the students could see where sunflower seeds really come from! She also took along the book, Big Yellow Sunflower by Frances Barry, for her teacher to read to the class. We had thousands of sunflower seeds that I fed to our birds.

I was so excited to plant our sunflowers this year. But, they have been a dud. I have had puny little sunflowers and only about five have even bloomed.

But we still managed to bring in one mangy one for a Sunflower Day for Brynne and her friend, Karlie.

They painted sunflowers ...

And they made sunflower cookies with sugar cookies, yellow icing, mini chocolate chips, and yellow raisins ...


  1. Our best blooming sunflowers this year are by far the ones that fell from the birdfeeder and grew all on their own. They are the healthiest and largest ones we have. I love the colored ones I planted but there is nothing like a really yellow sunflower....maybe you will have luck next year.

    I would love to eat your sunflower cookies! Thanks for sharing with the OHC.

  2. What lovely paintings of sunflowers!

  3. Jumping over from OHC. We have way too many rabbits in our area, so our sunflowers last year really didn't make it either. I didn't even try this year, but we got lucky and spotted the ones in our neighborhood. You never know ; )

    The cookies do look yummy : )


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