Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up ~ The How To's of Ice Cream

This past Saturday our whole family spent some time together at the Blue Bell Creameries Taste of Summer Open House (with about 15,000 other people). We had all-you-can-eat ice cream, did some crafts, "milked" a "cow", and went on a self-guided tour of the ice cream factory. We had so much fun!!

So I decided to carry this theme through our week. The temps have been in the 100's this week, so staying home and indoors was vital!

The big news of the week was that Eli finished his Summer Reading Program with a bang by reading all of a 64 page book in one day. It was his decision to do it, and he was so proud of his accomplishment! So was our whole family! We are going this afternoon to pick up his prizes from the library.

On Wednesday, Brynne and I went to her Co-op Summer Playgroup and we made barrettes. It was fun! This small group has been such a blessing to the moms and kids!

Yesterday we tackled our ice cream unit. We made baggie ice cream, read the book How it Happens at the Ice Cream Factory by Shawnda Shofner, and then did an ice cream math page. I actually had some other things planned, but we just didn't get around to them. Hey, it's summer! And as you can see from the last picture, we might have been too busy playing Cars.

I love how blurry the next two pictures are ... it shows you how fast and hard they were shaking the baggie!!

This was another fun week! We would sure appreciate some slightly cooler temperatures. The kids and I are headed to Missouri to visit Papa and Grandma tomorrow and I hear they are having a cold front come through compared to us .. it will only be 90 degrees.

On a side note, our daughter, Kyndal, will be a junior this next year. She attends our local high school. She applied to and got accepted to Cosmetology School through Vo-tech in the fall. It is a completely free program! She will receive her high school elective credits at the same time, and this year will also be taking Chemistry, English III and Algebra II at school. This week we sent in her official registration! It was an exciting day! She is really looking forward to doing this. It's something she has always wanted to do with her future.

Go see what other summer homeschoolers are doing at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Thanks for hosting, Kris!


  1. What fun!! We love to make homemade ice cream too (and we have an Eli!)
    I stopped by from Kris's blog today. Hope you have a great weekend and keep having fun ice cream making!! Enjoy your time in Missouri with the cooler temps!!

    Many Blessings!

  2. Congratulations Kyndal! Very ambitious! She'll do wonderful! It's awesome that these opportunities are available to our kids, huh? (We found a culinary school for my oldest that he can earn high school AND college credits through once he turns 16!) And nothing wrong with ICE CREAM! LOL

  3. My daughter had hoped to the same thing your daughter is doing, only they closed the program just as she would have been starting. :( I think it is great that you dd can do that!

    I love the ice cream- I am going to put that on our list of fun at home things to do.


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