Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Flipped Out and Bowled Over

Three more weeks until we officially start school. There is so much left to do. Eeeeeekkkkk!!!!

This week, though, we spent our time doing some reading and hanging out with Co-op friends. On Tuesday night the Co-op moms had our Back-to-School Support Meeting. I don't know if the kids are excited, but the moms are pumped up!!! It's going to be such a great year!

We had our last Co-op playgroup on Wednesday. It, again, was so great to get together with these families. The girlies have made some strong connections, and the moms certainly have, as well. For their craft, the girls decorated flip flops. So cute!!!

Today we went bowling with our group. Again, it was lots of fun and the kids had so much fun with their friends, and their big brother Dawson!

Even Eli has been getting involved in the Co-op activities. I signed him up for our group's monthly Boys' Club which is sponsored by Modern Woodsmen. He was so excited to go somewhere "just for boys" and can't wait to participate in this group! I was excited that he was so excited!

We also learned that while the Boys' Club is meeting, there is also a Girl's Club (also sponsored by Modern Woodsmen) that Brynne can join in August when she turns 6. And I have heard that the group is awesome!! So, both kids will be participating in these clubs this fall.

Lots of exciting things are in the works for this school year! Who says homeschooled kids lack socialization??

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  1. Fun week! We're starting in a couple of weeks-exciting. I'm ready to get going too!:)


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