Tuesday, April 3, 2012

F is for "Finding your Style"

We all have style, whether we want to or not. Sometimes it takes YEARS to figure it out. Sometimes we fall into it. Sometimes we think we don't really care about style and then realize that, "Oh! Not worrying about it really is a style."

Like my hair. I have realized that I like a little length to my hair, but not much. I like a little bangs, but not much. I like a little layering to give it "umphh", but not much. Really, my style is a classic length and style that I can fix and look stylish while down, but easily put up if I don't have time to mess with it.

And my clothes. I don't spend a lot of money on clothes. I like to have LOTS of clothes, so I buy bargains. I dress pretty classically, with lots of separates. I spend the bulk of my money on basic, classic pieces and then add the trends to them inexpensively. Like if the style is leopard print, I add a leopard print scarf to my purse or a pair of inexpensive leopard print flats instead of having a leopard print shirt that I can only wear a handful of times while it's "in".

Classic. Easy going. Separates. Emphasis on the things that last. Throw in a few trendy accessories.

That's me.

And, I realize that it has even carried over into the way I homeschool.

And I was even thinking about it this morning as Brynne was doing her schoolwork.  She started her day, as she does most days, doing the Classic work of Grammar, Handwriting, Math, and Reading. We Invest the first part of our day into this important work. We use Separates in our curriculum choices: Easy Grammar, Handwriting Without Tears, Personal reading choices (right now the Puppy Place series), Math Enhancement Programme (MEP). These subject are certainly the ones that last.

Our Trendy Accessories come in the way of Literature, History, Science and other Unit Studies.

We have studied some specific states. We have learned a lot about U.S. Geography. We are currently reading The Secret Garden. We have done unit studies on The Human Body and Dogs, just to name a couple.

We throw our creativity into these subjects by doing worksheets, reading books, doing puzzles, cooking, playing games, watching videos and doing activities.

Dawson's studies are very similar in structure. We do the basics, classics, using separates in our curriculum. Then we throw in some fun, creative, trendy accessories in the way of art, literature, history, and science.

We are always tweaking our style, of course. And we do things completely different than how we first set out to do things. Coming from a public school setting, I immediately tried to emulate a classroom. But we have found that we learn better when sitting on the couch, or at the kitchen table, or on the back porch in our favorite chairs, or, in Dawson's case, in his "nerd cave".

We are laid back. We can "fix up nice" and do school when we need to, and we can "throw things up" when we don't feel up to doing things in a traditional way and head out for some hands on activities, reading, or field trips.

Have about you? Have you found your style?

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  1. Great post! I'm often stumped as to how to describe our homeschooling style because it's a little bit of several different things. Love how you've compared your fashion style to your homeschooling style.


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