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Weekly Wrap-up ~ Week

I was pretty sure we wouldn't get a whole lot done this week, but I had no idea how little it would actually be. Every day was a different day than what we are used to.

First thing Monday morning, Dawson had oral surgery. He had a dime-size cyst in his lower gum that had impacted a baby tooth, making it unable to remove naturally, and pushed the permanent tooth down sideways. The cyst was removed and area cleaned out, the baby tooth was removed, the gum was lasered and a bracket attached to it. He had previously had orthodontic appliances applied so that this bracket on his permanent tooth could be attached to it to try to pull up the permanent tooth. Soooooo, after he came out of anesthesia (which was sad, btw), I had to take him immediately to the orthodontist so they could do their part. Needless-to-say, this was a difficult morning for him. I brought him home, drugged him up, and sent him to bed. Then I have spent the rest of the week fixing him foods he can eat, medicating him, and babying him. Coming off oral surgery myself, I know first-hand how exhausting it is to be in oral pain, so I have required nothing of him. The steroids he is taking also make his mood erratic and make him constantly hungry. But he can't hardly eat anything, so he never gets full, which makes him more agitated. It's been a vicious cycle.

On Tuesday, Eli woke up with a cold, so I kept him home. Dawson was in bed all day, so I did some lessons with Eli and Brynne. We did some math and reading, and then did two science projects.

We made an earthworm habitat as part of our The Secret Garden unit. It was so funny that Brynne (the typical weany of the family) picked up the worms, but Eli (the science fanatic) scooted back away from them screaming, "Gross! Get them away!" We used an earthworm mini unit from CurrClick that is FREE. It was my Favorite Resource this week!

Can you see the excretion? What a science moment!

Then we did a science experiment from the Amazing Science! Vol. 1 dvd I am reviewing for TOS (review coming next week). We played with balloons and fire. FUN!

We did the actual experiment. The photo is taken from the dvd.

Otherwise, Eli and Brynne just played. I looked outside once and Eli was pushing Brynne on the swing. I am so happy they will get more of these moments next year when they are schooled together. It was such an easy day of lessons and play.

On Wednesday, hmmmm .... what did we do Wednesday? Brynne and I did her full day of lessons. Dawson did more of the same, just resting.

We made Thursday a movie day. We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth, because Dawson is reading the book by Jules Verne, and then Brynne and I watched The Secret Garden, because we finished the book! We are going to see the musical on Saturday with some friends.

Excuse the scary picture of me! It was a hat day!

I have to share a tender moment: When The Secret Garden movie was over, I looked at Brynne and tears were streaming down her face. I held her and she cried. She shared with me that her tears were happy tears. She couldn't put into words what she was feeling. She just sobbed. And I cried along with her. I knew what she was feeling. We have submersed ourselves in the story over the past several weeks. It has become a part of us. The characters have become our friends. And it has touched us. It was a joyous moment to see her so touched by a story. I pray for many more moments like that for her. And I realized that moments like this are the real reasons why I educate my children at home. I would just die if someone else got to share in this experience with my children. And, I realized that at the very moment Eli was sitting at school taking his required, standardized math and reading tests, Brynne was experiencing another world through literature.

And today it's Friday. We skipped Co-op because Dawson couldn't go. Instead, Brynne and I watched Ice Age. (I have a post coming up about that in a couple of weeks.) We also planted some tomatoes, garlic, peas, and Stevia plants.

And that was our week. Pretty slow but necessary. We'll kick it back in next week.

How was your week?

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  1. Well, I think it sounds like a fantastic week! and I'm totally checking out that earthworm study from CurrClick..thanks for that! My Lauren wants to raise earthworms, so it sounds perfect for us.
    I hope your son heals quickly! My girls are getting braces (and various other orthodontic appliances) very soon...I am dreading it, honestly.
    It's really great that you got to experience such a special moment with your daughter with The Secret Garden :)

  2. I love the Secret Garden and the freedom that homeschooling allow to explore books like that. Thanks for sharing your week!

  3. Sounds like a great week, for some of you at least. I hope your son feels better soon, that oral surgery is something else. My daughter has braces, but avoided the oral surgery (unlike me).
    I love that you got to share such a special time with your daughter watching the The Secret Garden, and shared it with us too!

  4. If that was your slow week, I am in big trouble!! So much good learning! Is that earthworm pic from you? If so, amazing!! Hope Dawson is feeling better. My son has had a lot of oral work done in the last year and I am the same way with him- just tuck him and keep him fed the best I can. And the Secret Garden... do you think I could convince my boys to do that unit with me? ;)

  5. Looks like yet another good week, in spite of not everyone feeling 100%. Poor Dawson!

    I think it is hilarious that Brynne is wearing gloves to hold the worm!

  6. I like the Secret Garden, too. It is so nice when they connect to a book so fully.

  7. What a neat (and kind of gross) shot of the earthworm. I am showing it to my boys. We've studied how worms "work"...but what a good shot!

  8. Awe, poor Dawson! I hope he's feeling better! Anything mouth-wise is SO rough when it hurts! But a sweet moment with Brynne and The Secret Garden! Something to remember always. Was it a Netflix movie? I have The Secret Garden in my instant watch list, but I would like my girl to read it first. I love your garden marker rocks! Now are those Stevia plants for sweetener? We planted peas last week and will plant some more later in the week (if I have the energy LOL).

  9. Oh, I feel for Dawson! I spent most of my childhood having dental horrors performed and I still break out into a sweat thinking about it.

    Thanks for the worm link - we've been preparing a worm habitat and this'll be a great addition.


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