Wednesday, April 11, 2012

OERB Education {Oklahoma's Oil and Natural Gas}

Do you live in Oklahoma, or near Oklahoma? Our state has a FREE educational opportunity through Oklahoma's Oil and Natural Gas (OERB). And I found out today that their kits and classes are available for home educators as well.

The OERB site for Educators says:

The OERB is committed to education in Oklahoma. Providing free training, materials, educational trips and in-class presentations, the OERB is helping Oklahoma teachers reach their students through entertaining activities and experiments.

From safety at well sites, to seismic activity and energy conservation – OERB gives teachers the tools they need to teach students about the oil and natural gas industry.

Petro Pete is the mascot. There are curricula for Little Bits (K-2), Fossils to Fuel (3-5), Petro Active (6-9), and CORE Energy (9-12).

To receive the free educational materials, you must attend an all-day workshop. The workshop is free. There is a workshop in Yukon, Oklahoma, on July 19th, and one in Tulsa on July 25th. (I am planning to attend the workshop on July 25th. Would you like to join me? If so, go here to register!)

Teaming up with Oklahoma teachers, the OERB developed hands-on curricula that's as exciting to teach as it is to learn. Free of charge to educators across the state, the OERB curricula meets all of Oklahoma's PASS objectives.

The OERB petroleum education programs reach more than 100,000 Oklahoma students each school year. Teacher guides, workshops and activity kits are available free of charge. A $50 stipend is provided to all participants attending on Saturdays or non-school days, while a substitute reimbursement is paid to the district for teachers who attend on a school day. Participants receive seven (7) Professional Development Hours for completing Petro Active and CORE Energy Science workshops, six (6) hours for CORE Energy Math, CORE Energy Social Studies and CORE Energy Language Arts, and five (5) hours upon completion of Little Bits, Fossils to Fuel and Fossils to Fuel 2.

I am always looking for some fun, educational Science activities for my little two. What a blessing to have FREE opportunities that take advantage of the natural resources in our state?

I am planning to attend the workshop to prep for the Fossils to Fuel curriculum for Grades 3-5. The Learning Cycles that will be covered are:

Cycle 1: Energy - It's In the Bag
Potential and kinetic energy.

Cycle 2: Fish, Fossils & Fuel
How oil is formed from the remains of ocean plants and animals.

Cycle 3: It's a Gas
How natural gas is formed over millions of years from decayed ocean plants and animals.

Cycle 4: Let's Get Physical with Oil
The physical properties of oil.

Cycle 5: Seeping Stones
The porosity of rocks.

Cycle 6: Let's Rock
How seismologists use sound waves to locate rock formations that may contain oil and natural gas.

Cycle 7: Weighty Problems
How we drill for oil and natural gas.

Cycle 8: Give it a Lift
How petroleum is recovered or lifted from rock deep within the earth.

Cycle 9: Tower of Power
Discover the vast number of products that come from fossil fuels. 

Each class that completes the Fossils to Fuel curriculum will receive a free field trip from the OERB to one of five participating museums. Students will see an exciting energy exhibit sponsored by the OERB and be treated to a free energy class at the museum.

This just keeps getting better and better!

And you know how I love units to be literature based. Well, Petro Pete even has a set of books available through the Tulsa Public Library System!

Another opportunity on the OERB website is the Educational Animations. The animations include: Drilling Rig, Horizontal Drilling, Multi-Stage Vertical Drilling, Well Frac, Seismic Line, and Seismic Survey.

Petro Pros will also come to your classroom (or Co-op?) to do one-hour presentations to "show kids the science and business side of their industry. During their one-hour presentation, Petro Pros use rocks, fossils, drill bits and maps to demonstrate how oil and natural gas are formed, discovered and produced." 

I don't know about you, but I think this is awesome! If you don't live in this area, check your state natural resources organizations and see what opportunities might be available to you.

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