Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Outdoor Hour Challenge ~ Insect Grid

Yesterday we headed out with our Insect Grids from Barb's Outdoor Hour Challenge September Newsletter. We had already spent last week observing ants, but were determined to complete as many items on the grid as we could.

Wielded with our clipboards, grids, and new "Homeschooler by Day, Ninja by Night" t-shirts, we set out on our adventure at the local park.

Here was our destination.

At first there were no insects to be found. But we did come across this ...

Then, "Hey! Here's an insect!" Nope, it's a spider. How do we know? It has 8 legs instead of 6.

After following a passageway, we found a huge web covered in insects!

I put a clipboard behind it so that the insects could be seen well.

Many were still alive and struggling for their freedom, like this guy in red.

The old railroad tracks had some red ants. Don't get too close!

We stood on the bridge and tried to find insects in the pond. We couldn't see any. But, wait, what is that we hear? Crickets!

And then we did catch a glimpse of a dragonfly and some hovering insects over the moss. We even saw fish coming up to eat the insects on the water.

We decided to call it a day and went to the playground to play. "Mommy, come quick! It's an insect carrying another insect! I think it's trying to help it!"

Nope. I think it has caught it's evening meal. While climbing up the jungle gym, it dropped it. We watched to see if it would find it again, as it was kind of camouflaged in the rocks. But, it didn't take long before it did.

It was a great day of exploration!


  1. I'm surprised you are still alive after finding the snake skin. I watched that spider on the basketball goal build his web on Sunday after you left. It was quite interesting. Looked like me trying to empty the house.

    1. Believe me, I was looking around for it's owner.


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