Thursday, September 27, 2012

Skoolbo ~ A FREE Grammar (and more) iPad App

In my quest for a better grammar solution for my two 2nd/3rd graders, I came upon an app for my iPad called Skoolbo. (I was wanting some kind of fun technological gamish type thing involving grammar, to use in rotation with their book work and/or worksheets and Rainbow Sentences because I have seen how much they have learned about geography using Stack the States and Stack the Countries and how much interest they have in the presidents using Presidents vs. Aliens. They actually play these games in their free time.)

"Skoolbo is a literacy and numeracy program with more than 50,000 questions designed to assist 4 to 10 year olds in their journey to mastery of essential reading and mathematics skills." ~ from the website.

It is not only a FREE app, but can also be downloaded to a PC or Mac.

At first when Brynne tried out Skoolbo, I didn't think it looked like something that would interest us. It doesn't just cover language arts, but also math, and you never know which you are going to get until the next level starts. It has the player involved in a race against make believe characters trying to choose the correct answer first. As Brynne has played more, though, it has opened up other races including vocabulary and spelling. You have to be a quick thinker to play it. It kind of stresses me out! But, she loves it and it is really challenging her to think quickly and to get the answers right so she can win the races.

I am always looking for good educational apps. This one, so far, is a great one. Check it out!

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