Friday, September 28, 2012

Queen Anne's Lace ~ Outdoor Hour Challenge

This has been the challenge I have been waiting all month to do. Every morning, when I walk at the park, I walk past a huge grouping of Queen Anne's Lace. It is so pretty and I couldn't wait for the kids to get down close to it with me.

Once we got close to it, I wondered if that's really even what it is! Can someone help me identify it? And as luck would have it, right after we arrived and I took a couple of close-up photos of it, my batteries died on my camera. Urghhhh! We have a nice time of exploration, however. UPDATE: On the way to an out of town football game tonight, I think I saw legitimate Queen Anne's Lace next to the highway in several places. We are going to check it out this week!

We used the free notebooking page provided by Barb for today's challenge.

Up close and personal we could see that it was covered in bees, spiders, and fireflies. Most of the "Queen Anne's Lace" was still bloomed and very lovely. We measured it, noted it's characteristics and talked about how different we thought it might look when we come back to visit it in the winter. We decided we would come visit when there was snow on the ground.

I took Barb's suggestion and had the kids take their 3DS devices so that they could take pictures of whatever they wanted on our nature walk. They really enjoyed doing that. Brynne was particularly drawn to all of the wildflowers and changing leaves. This was a nice way to end our month of challenges.

Can't wait to see what's in store for us next month!! Be sure to sign up to receive the October Outdoor Challenge Newsletter!!


  1. Hi Nicole,

    The leaves on your plant do not look like QAL at all. The leaves on QAL look like the leaves on a carrot and are lacy. I don't know what you found there but it sure is pretty!

    Sorry I am not more help.


  2. Nicole,
    I'm glad to hear you're a fan of 'Call the Midwife'. It's a wonderful show!


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