Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Quick Tip

Do you need a number line for your kids to use in math? We use a Hungarian model for mathematics called Math Enhancement Programme, and a number line is used often. I purchased two small white boards from Dollar General for $2.00 each. With a sharpie marker, I made a number line. When the kids need to use it, they use their white board markers to draw their dots and jump lines. (Warning: White board markers over sharpie markers will erase it on a white board. My kids just make their dots and jump lines above it or below it to keep that from happening. That's also another quick tip for you if someone accidentally uses a sharpie marker on your white board. Just rub white board marker all over the marks and erase them.)

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  1. Thanks for the tip about looking for the Story of Us at the library! I'll definitely do that. I had planned on it being a big part of our history this year too! Such a wonderful resource!

    Have a blessed week,


  2. Awesome idea! I'm getting tired of writing number lines every day! LOL


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