Monday, February 11, 2013

Abraham Lincoln Unit Study (President's Day!)

President's Day is a week from today, and I have plans for us to do a unit study about Abraham Lincoln.


We will read Abraham's Journey by Robert K., Jr., and Kathleen Basmadjian, a Schoolhouse Review Crew product that came at the perfect time! (be looking for an upcoming review.)

Unit Study

Our unit study materials will be from a free Abraham Lincoln download from SchoolExpress.

Are you on their e-mail list to receive their free weekly newsletter that includes a different free download each week? If not, you should sign up. I always download them if I think we will use them in the future, because they cease being free after that one week (although the prices are still very reasonable, like a couple of dollars). Even if you don't purchase the download, there are always free worksheets available.

Each day we will do a couple pages of reading and notebooking activities, and a couple of the puzzles provided at the end of the unit study (crossword puzzle, word unscramble, spelling words puzzle, word search).

Additional Reading

Along with our unit study pages, we will read lots of picture books. Here is what's on our list to read.

Language Arts

We will use this FREE download provided by The Loco Teacher via TeachersPayTeachers to practice capitalization and punctuation on President's Day themed sentences.


We will do some probability by flipping pennies (you know, Honest Abe's money claim for fame??) On the whiteboard we will have a column for head and one for tails. Then we will flip a penny 10 times and tally the side on which it lands. Then, for some extra challenge, we will do the same thing but having them flip two pennies at a time.



We will do an experiment with pennies. This experiment will allow the kids to observe chemical reactions.


Writing and Art

We will do this cute art project.

The hat lifts up and the kids will complete this writing assignment to put underneath the hat.

This will be a fun week of lessons, and I can't wait!!


  1. Nicole, Thanks so much for your sweet comment today. I really needed to hear it. Sometimes I feel like such a failure and that I am doing Grace a disservice by not pushing more academics with her. Thanks for all the encouragement and support.

    1. You are only a failure if you push Grace to do things that do not matter to HER for her future. That's just my opinion. Each child is different. Some will need the academics to go to college. And some, well, just won't. My oldest won't be going to college (she's going to cosmetology school). And my older son thinks he will likely go into the Army, although he is working hard on his academics, too, just in case.

  2. Wow!! Nolan and I will be right over! Sounds fun!

    1. Come on up! Leave Sunday afternoon and plan on staying for the week. Wouldn't that be fun???


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