Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First Day ~ February (5 Days Late)

I took pictures on the first day of February, I just didn't get them posted. Here is what our day looked like:

Doing a lift/drag experiment with gliders.

We celebrated the one month anniversary of Cherry the minnow coming to live with us. (We told Brynne it would be dead after one day.)

Our stack of books ready for our day of school.

Castle time.

My least favorite first day of the month activity ... vacuuming behind all of the furniture.

My niece ran for courtwarming princess.

Dawson and Taylar before the dance.

How we spent the evening .. watching WWE.

Temple Run 2 was free for iPad, so we downloaded it.

My niece Ashtyn (and my husband) at the baseketball game.

Daddy and Eli getting in some snuggle time.

I am linking up with Nicole at Journey to Josie!


  1. I never heard of the First Day link up - how fun!

  2. Love this!! And you look so cute and stylish vacuuming!

    1. Thankfully the first happened to be on my "showering" day! Ha! Those don't happen as often as you might think.

    2. Oh I know all about "showering days!" Hey, it's not good for your skin and hair to wash it everyday!!


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