Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meet Our New P.E. Teacher

With a definite need for us to be more active in these solitary months of winter, I reached out for an alternative for us for Physical Education. Meet our new teacher ... Billy Blanks, Jr.

Three days a week I have been pulling up Billy Blanks, Jr., 10-12 minute hip hop exercise videos on Youtube and we have been getting our hip hop on! There are tons of routines and they are fun! Today we did a mix of 70's, 80's, and 90's dance moves. The videos really get our heart rates up, and we even sweat a little! And by the end the kids are saying, "I can't do it anymore! My legs!"

I didn't know if the kids would be able to handle the fast-paced routines (or me, for that matter), but they actually catch on pretty quick and are doing a great job keeping up!

If you are bored in your form of physical activity, I highly recommend this!


  1. Haha- love it. Isn't he the Tae Bo guy??

  2. Exercise is so important in all of our lives. It's great that you're including it in your curriculum.

    1. It was your post about the Denise Austin videos that gave me the idea. Thanks, Rona!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I didn't even know their was a Billy Banks Jr. I might need to try something like this in place of my Zumba for a couple of week. My heels are bothering me a lot and I am thinking about taking a Zumba break to allow them to heal.


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