Monday, February 18, 2013

Day Number 100

Today marked our 100th day of school for the year! It is President's Day, and the public schools are out today (including Dawson's school), but I wanted us to celebrate our accomplishment anyway. We slept in a bit and then spent the morning watching "The Prince of Egypt". We are studying Moses and the deliverance and exodus of the Israelites, so I thought the movie would be a great way to end that study. I had forgotten what a good movie it was. The kids really enjoyed it! (Eli may or may not have cried a couple of times.)

For our 100th Day celebration, I shamelessly copied all of Heidi's ideas:

The kids were greeted with whiteboard welcome sign in the dining room.

I prepared a "100" worksheet with questions for them to answer.

Then I cut out "100" on cardstock and had them get creative using the numbers to make a picture. Eli made a mine cart and Brynne made a catapult.

We did 100 exercises, put together a 100 piece puzzle, and read for 100 seconds times 10, which translated to 10,000 seconds which translated to a little over 16 minutes.

I gave the kids 100 legos to share and had them make something with them while I read our next chapter in The Spiderwick Chronicles. Eli made a "cruise plane" and Brynne made a "security camera plane for France".

It was rainy and cold so we weren't able to get out and do any of the outside activities we had planned. But, it was a fun day.

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