Monday, March 18, 2013

A is for Azaleas

One of the greatest things about coming to Pensacola at the end of a long winter in the Midwest is all of the bloomed flowers. Everything is so green and colorful and pretty. We have lived in the midst of brown and dead and ugly for many months. But this week we are in the midst of color! The azalea bushes are in full bloom (actually about at the end of their season) and I am grateful we had a chance to see them!

This inspires me to get home and get started on our landscaping to infuse a little color into the exterior of our home!

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  1. LOVE azaleas! We are in KY so our Daffodills are just coming up, may need to consider that for D in our blogging through the ABC!

  2. you ought to try to find the bug that is eating the azaleas :)

    have fun in pensacola, I use to live there. well fort walton

  3. The photos of the flowers are gorgeous!

  4. Those are gorgeous!!! I hope you're having a fun!

  5. I love the rich colors of azaleas, and your pictures really capture that. I have a niece named Azalea, believe it or not!


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