Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What We Are Wearing Wednesday

That seems like an odd thing to talk about on a homeschooling blog, huh? I always see the memes going around where women post a picture of what they are wearing. And it got me thinking ... in homeschooling it's pretty easy to just wear your pjs and scrubby clothes all the time. In fact, it's so tempting that a lot of days we do it. I don't see my husband during the week and maybe only leave the house a couple of times. Since I don't have anybody to impress, I find myself, way too often, throwing my hair up, putting on some sweats and a hoodie, wearing my slippers, and not wearing any makeup. I give in to the plea from the kids of "can this be a pj day?" But, inevitably, when I do, we drag through our day with no energy.

But I know that on the days that I get up on time, do my quiet time, go for my walk, and shower and GET DRESSED, I get so much done and feel so energized all day! I have always believed in the mantra:

Dress Smart Think Smart.

Now I just need to make sure we follow it more often. So, here is what I was wearing today ...

And, I was going to post a picture of what the kids were wearing today, BUT BEFORE I REMEMBERED THEY WERE BACK IN THEIR PJ'S! And now I am, too. Oh well. Maybe next week!


  1. Nicole, you are so pretty!
    I do find that we get more done when we get dressed and ready. But on those snowy is just so hard! :)


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