Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What We're Wearing Wednesday

I'm not sure we have ever needed some time off in a warm, sunny location as much as we do right now! We are all having trouble getting motivated in the mornings (or the rest of the day, for that matter), and seem to be getting a little more frazzled, cranky and emotional with each passing day. We are leaving for Florida on Saturday for 10 glorious days of sun, warmth, and relaxation!

I have so much to do between now and then it is frightening. It's not just packing and getting the house ready to leave it (in the hands of my 16 year old ... gulp!), but involves church activities, Cub Scout activities, our last day of Co-op that includes a Science/Geography/Arts Fair, a possible park play date with some local homeschoolers, celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday, and making a trip to the grocery store and library in another town (to get books for the seashells unit study we are doing in Florida while we are there.)

So today, I am comfortably dressed. And so are the kids. But, we did brush our teeth and fix our hair (sort of), but I never said anything about putting on shoes. AND I showered and dressed pretty the first two days of this week, so that counts for something. (The kids were in their pjs all day yesterday, though. Like I said, we are falling apart at the seams.)

Next Wednesday I hope that the only thing we are wearing is bathing suits, shorts and flip flops. However, I can't find any of my swimming suits since our move, so I am going to have to take my pasty white post-winter flabby body into a dressing room and try some on. Ughh!

I can buck up and do it, though, knowing that the weather is supposed to be in the 70's and sunny with no precip or wind to speak of while we are there. Ahhhhhhh ......

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  1. You all look comfy! I'm still in my pjs, but that will have to change in a half hour, because I have to leave to get Lexie.
    I hope you have a great time in Florida! I am SO jealous!


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