Saturday, November 30, 2013


Today I sat and watched my baby girl play "hair salon".

No, wait, that was real.

Today my baby girl stood at her station in her salon at school and highlighted my hair, then cut her little sister's hair, and then cut her stepdad's hair. It was so surreal to see her being a big girl, a grown woman, pursuing her dream of being a hair stylist. And she did GOOD! My hair was done perfectly and professionally. We all walked out of the salon happy with what she had done for us. Kyndal is going to be so successful in her chosen career. And I am VERY proud of her!

And on a couple of completely unrelated notes, I am so saddened by the death of Paul Walker. The Fast and Furious movies are some of my absolute favorites and it just won't be the same without him. RIP Paul.

And, way to go Mizzou! Our Missouri Tigers are going to the SEC championship game against Auburn! And what a turn of events in the Alabama vs. Auburn game. Wow! What a crazy day of football!


  1. How wonderful. It's great to see your daughter pursuing her dreams.

    Sad news regarding Paul's death. So young.

  2. Fun update. Glad she is up and feeling better! Happy December!!

  3. Way to go Kyndal. Wish you guys lived closer I need a haircut! :)

    Never saw his movies but it's always sad when a parent passes away, 15 is such a big age to lose a parent.

  4. I love the Fast and Furious Series as well. Was so saddened to hear about his death yesterday, especially for his daughter.


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