Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful ~ Day 4

I love Providence. No, I'm not talking about Providence, Rhode Island, although I would imagine that it is absolutely breathtaking this time of year with the changing leaves.

I am talking about the Providence of God. We just think we know it all, don't we? We definitely think we know the best plan, or at least know how we would like the plan to go. And then God steps in and redirects the situation to the path He knows is best, and things happen pretty much out of our control.

It is during these times that we can stop and look back and see where our actions have brought us to this particular set of circumstances and we see God's hand in it all, even in those things that were so insignificant along the way.

I love those moments. It's when I feel closest to God and know of His power in my life. I am thankful for His Providence, and that He doesn't let me have my own way all the time.

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