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My Student Logbook (Schoolhouse Review)

My Student Logbook Review

I love to plan. It's in my blood. I love a good checklist where I can mark off each thing as we get it accomplished. I am not, however, a digital planner kind of girl! I need good ol' paper and pencil. When it was time to plan homeschool lessons I had my husband create for me a blank printable lesson plan page that I can fill in each week as I plan lessons. It's simple and effective. Brynne is also a planner and loves a list. So when we had the opportunity to review My Student Logbook, I knew she would love it! And she did! She chose the undated My Student Logbook with the horse cover art.

My Student Logbook Review

My Student Logbook is a paper planner that can be customized to your child's specific needs. It is extremely easy to set up. Basically you just tear out one of the list pages and tape it around the week you are working on. That way you do not have to rewrite the list each week.

Although the kids are not to the point where they receive their work to do independently, I still knew that Brynne would appreciate the accountability of the checklist fashion of My Student Logbook. There are several other things that she is keeping track of each day, such as whether or not she exercises, eats healthy, and takes her vitamins. We all know that habits are formed after 21 consecutive days, and My Student Logbook is the perfect accountability partner for achieving a 21 consecutive day streak of doing something.

When Brynne received My Student Planner (she requested the horse cover ... there are many to choose from), she sat down and made a list of all of the things she wanted to accomplish on any given day. She included specific times for doing some things, like getting up in the mornings, eating her breakfast, getting dressed, eating lunch, and going to bed. She included required minutes for some things, like reading for 30 minutes and exercising. Some things she knew that she did not do on the weekend, such as doing her schoolwork, but she included it in her general list anyway. A couple of times each day she would go through her list and put an "x" next to each things she had accomplished. If she hadn't done it like she was supposed to she just left it blank. And if it was something she did not have to do that day, like do schoolwork on Sunday, she would mark it with
a "-".

There is a notes section that is underneath the list of things to do. I just use this to write words of encouragement to Brynne, or a scripture, or a reminder.

I love the vision behind My Student Logbook. "The pursuit of excellence for the Glory of God is not just a mindset. It's hard work that manifests itself by the things we do every day. Through training in character development (i.e. chores), academics, relationships, and God's bountiful grace, our children will be changing the world." Isn't that beautiful?? It is also intended to place some of the parents' responsibilities back on the children so that the parents' can be freed up to work on continuing to point their children back to Jesus.

There are different options for purchase: a dated 2014/2015 school year spiral bound physical logbook ($15 with cover art of your choice), a 2015 calendar year spiral bound physical logbook ($15 with cover art of your choice), a printable pdf logbook of either the school year or calendar year logbook (single license $10, family license $20, no cover art), or an undated spiral bound physical logbook ($15 with cover art of your choice.) All of the logbooks can be purchased at the new site store. It is there that you can also see all of the cover selections.

We received the undated spiral bound physical logbook with the horses cover art for the purposes of this review. The planner was very easy to use, very effective, and cost efficient.

My Student Logbook is intended for children from grades 2nd and up. Brynne is in the 4th grade and it was perfect for her age.

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