Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Summer Week 2

Summer school for us involves lots of flexibility to our schedule. We intend to do school work for 2-3 hours each morning Monday through Thursday. But this week we logged some hours away from home on Monday and then Brynne was sick on Thursday and Friday so we pretty much just took it easy on those days.

The kids completed Days 5 and 6 out of Summer Bridge 6-7. They covered the following concepts:

  • ratios and graphing
  • least common multiple
  • commas
  • root words, prefixes, suffixes
  • reading comprehension
  • complete subjects and predicates
We read all but 70 pages of Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics. It's a great book and lots of fun to read. Eli started The Prophecy of Bane by Suzanne Collins (Gregor the Overlander Book 2) and Brynne started Eclipse (Book 4 from the Warriors: The Power of Three series)

We logged some special hours on Sunday and Monday when our family went to spend the night at Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. They got in some PE while swimming and riding water slides. But they got the majority of their hours solving puzzles in the MagiQuest game. They worked with Dawson and some of his friends so they worked on lots of team building activities. You can bet your life we counted this as school! Both of the kids were actually sore from all of the walking and stair climbing from puzzle to puzzle. They got a good workout.

Brynne had two very hot softball games this week! They won one and lost one. She continues to excel at second base and improve in her batting and running. Eli also had speech therapy this week.

One of the games was on daddy's birthday. It is the first softball game of Brynne's he got to see. Although the team lost, Brynne played great so we celebrated the two of them with some DQ afterward.

Next week will be an abnormal week of school as Brynne has basketball camp at a nearby university Monday through Wednesday morning. While she is at camp Eli will be doing a research assignment given to him by his speech therapist, will start the Taken Charge game "Siri and the Curious Code" by Galvanize Labs (you can get this game for FREE this summer from Homeschool Buyer's Co-op), will work on his Home School Astronomy lesson Extreme Phenomena (a review of this unit and one other will be posted at the end of the summer). He will also continue to read his book. We will complete Mr. Lemoncello on Thursday and Friday. Brynne has a double header on Wednesday night, and we are hoping to be able to get in a trip to the pool.

2016/2017 Hours Completed: 35 hours 10 minutes, with 18 hours 45 minutes outside the home.

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