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A Peek at Our Weekend ~ The One Where Bikes Were Ridden

What was in the kitchen ...

We had a yummy weekend in the kitchen! On Friday night we had swiss steak, mashed potatoes, and creamed corn. Then on Saturday night I made a big pot of American Stew and grilled cheese sandwiches for the Missouri football game. (Go Mizzou!)

An activity we did away from home ...

The only real activity we did away from home was Eli and Brynne's Saturday morning bowling league. They are just really, really enjoying this Saturday morning activity! They are both improving every week and it's really just a joy to watch. We are all having fun!

What we learned at church ...

We continue to learn about the anointing of David as King. It's fun to learn this with kids who are 10-12 years old, because David was about their age when he was anointed as King. The kids can really grasp the magnitude of the responsibility that he had!

We went through the costumes in the attic at church to fit the kids for their skit they are doing in service this next Sunday morning on the Parable of the Talents. We also discussed our upcoming Christmas program and the part that the kids will play in it. Yes, I've taken on another project.

Things accomplished at home ...

We now have some heat! Rick brought our Infrared Quartz heater and, I think, it's going to work great! I also finished switching out all of our summer and winter clothes. It's a yucky job but I am always glad when it's done. I can actually find our clothes!

My favorite moment ...

By far, my favorite moment was when Eli and Brynne BOTH learned to ride their bikes without training wheels! Brynne just decided that she wanted to, and it took Rick about 5 minutes to teach her. Then Eli just couldn't stand it that Brynne could do it and he couldn't, so in about 10 minutes HE was riding his, also!

Now, yes, they are 8 and 9. They haven't even touched their bikes in a few years. They always ride their scooters instead. So, it's not like they have been riding through town on bikes with training wheels. They just haven't ridden bikes.

But, now, they are full-fledged bike riders! Rick, the two kids, and I even rode our bikes to the Dairy Queen for their last day of business for the season. They did great!!!

Ways we relaxed ...

It was all about the football this weekend. And, Dawson hooked up Rick's surround sound system in his bedroom. His room is completely cool! He's pretty happy! So, while we were watching football, we could hear the 'boom - boom - boom' of his subs.

Preparations for the week ahead ...

We are just ready for another full week. It will be a busy one, especially with Brynne starting basketball on Thursday. But we'll go at it strong and hope for another successful week!!


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