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Random 5 on Friday (except it's Saturday)

Rick confronted me this week about my quiet blog, and my Uncle John (who is an avid follower) also expressed a desire that I get back to posting more. As with many other bloggers I have found myself doing much more reading, unplugging from the computer, and just living life instead of blogging about it. But blogging is my place to record our lives and our schooling .... our Journey, so to speak. So, I will try to put in a little more effort.

Which leads me to Miranda's Random 5 on Friday. Many times during the week I have random thoughts that just don't qualify as a full post. Here I can share some of those thoughts.

1. I find that I spend as much time worrying and thinking about Kyndal and Dawson's significant others (Collin and Taylar) as I do my own kids. This week they have both been challenged on the job front and I find myself thinking a lot about it and praying for them several times a day.

2. I love my dogs to pieces but they are driving me crazy with their shedding, barking, and allergies.

3. I find myself just smiling at Brynne several times a day because of how proud I am of her for excitedly taking on a full lifestyle change in her eating habits and exercise. She has noticeably lost weight and inches, is kicking my rear when we run and ride our bikes, and is so enthusiastic about making good food choices. She has even started trying AND LIKING lots of different vegetables ... celery, yellow peppers, cooked cabbage. The transformation in mind and body is astonishing.

4. A big struggle for me these days is not bowing to the god of money. I know that God is my provider and I trust Him to provide all of our needs for us. However with an upcoming wedding and a new senior in high school, not to mention homeschooling curriculum costs, much-needed wellness appointments, birthdays, and Christmas being here before you know it, I find myself having to snap myself out of my worry pretty often.

5. I had breakfast for all three meals yesterday. For breakfast I had a whole wheat english muffin and two eggs. For lunch I had a bowl of bran cereal with blueberries and almonds. And for dinner we had french toast and bacon.

This was pretty fun! I think I will try to start posting my Randoms on Thursdays so I have something designated to write about on that day of the week. Check back next week for more randomness! I am sure there will be some.


  1. It's nice to hear some random thoughts- a bit more of a peek in to real life. I miss blogging - so often, the week flies by and I cannot even remember what we did. The small act of blogging keeps those memories vivid.

  2. I hear you on the money front. Just spent 135 bucks on school supplies x2 (their school supply list is 4 pages long!) that didn't include backpacks and lunchboxes. I still have to pay for my 2 college classes and buy the textbooks. Plus a 14th bday coming up, she wants a bunny! Luck for us we still have the cage so won't be too much. Plus like you said Christmas will be here fast.

    Love this post, can't wait to read next weeks.

    Good luck on the wedding planning and I think it's sweet you think about your soon to be kids just as much as your own kids :)


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