Monday, August 29, 2011

Math Monday ~ The Number Eating Alligator {Greater Than/Less Than}

Welcome to Math Monday! Cindy at love2learn2day hosts a math Linky on Mondays, so I thought I would start joining in since Brynne will be having a Living Math day at the end of each week.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week Brynne does math lessons from MEP (Math Enhancement Programme). But on Thursdays, I wanted to incorporate a day of Living Math. I plan to just see what types of math lessons we do on the first three days and throw in a book and/or some hands on activities on Thursday to reinforce those lessons.

This week we were dabbling in Greater Than and Less Than. Although she mostly "got it", it took me back to my elementary school days when we would draw an alligator mouth with the teeth facing the Greater number. Did you do that??

I searched and found "The Number Eating Alligator". Click here to listen to it.

I also printed off a copy of an alligator stick puppet (found at the bottom of this link). I placed playing cards on the coffee table and Brynne used the puppet to determine which way the alligator mouth should go. Then she would say, out loud, the equation, i.e. 8 is greater than 3, 3 is less than 8.

It was fun and engaging. And, when she was done I gave her a Greater Than and Less Than worksheet with two-digit numbers. She was able to use what she learned to complete the problems.

Go join Cindy for other great math ideas!


  1. This is super cute. My kids are really into alligators and crocodiles right now. Love when I can teach a skill while engaging their interests. Thanks for sharing. Followed your link on Math Monday.

  2. Are you able to email or post the template for the alligator?? I clicked on the links but it was not found. I didn't know if you were able to help me or not. Thanks!!

    1. Here is the link to the same puppet, but just at a different link:

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I have also changed the link in the body of my post.

      Have fun!

  3. I googled greater than less than puppet and found this site.


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