Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Frazzled

We started school yesterday, along with our public school kiddos. To put our first day in a word: Frazzled. We were all a bit off-kilter.

We were completely prepared: had our day planned, our schedule set, our copies made, our videos and books lined up.

But, with taking First Day photos, and having introductions to new materials, we got a little behind. We ended on time, though, so all was good.

All-in-all it was a successful first day. Some highlights from our short first week:
  • Dawson worked steady all day and didn't complain or attempt to delay even once!
  • He wrote a beautiful poem about America.
  • Brynne LOVED her MEP math curriculum. We ended the day with it and it was certainly a highlight.
  • Getting back to Co-op activities was so exciting! Choir and Zumbatonic were fun!
  • Everybody got started reading this week.
  • Teaching Textbooks Algebra I arrived and has been installed and is ready for Monday.
Here are a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

Working hard on IEW.

Brought in the old desk from our photo shoot. It's just the right height for Handwriting Without Tears.

MEP during nap time.

Is that the teacher kissing the principal??

Zumbatonic time! Even the moms had some fun!

Even though it was just a two-day week, we all felt what Eli's shirt expressed ...

Make sure you come back for my first Study America Saturday post (If you have an American History lesson you did this week, write a separate post and link up with me!) and a Science Sunday post this weekend!

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  1. May have been a little hectic, but sounds like you guys got started on the right foot. Happy schooling next week.
    Stopping by from weekly wrap up.

  2. LOVE the teacher and principal picture!!

  3. It's hard getting back-to-school sometimes! Last year it took us a couple of months to find our rhythm! I bet next week will go smoother! It sounds like there were definitely some GREAT learning going on though!

    And I love your school photos! I still haven't taken mine yet!

  4. Scandalous teacher principal picture!
    I read this on another blog and I plan to do it! The lady has her official first day of school the Friday before she is going to start teaching. She takes pictures, shows the kids new curriculum, they do any set up stuff she wants the kids to help with. They have a "party" and call it a day. Then on Monday she is ready to start without any delay. Just thought I'd pass it along to ya! K


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