Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Day

A little exercise, a whole lot of coffee, and some quiet time for Mom before the kids get up.

Dawson and Eli are up and getting ready for school at 8 a.m. Kyndal was gone by 7 a.m.
About 9 a.m. Dawson and I are in full swing. Brynne is up, has had breakfast, and is ready.
Yes, we're on the couch at 10 a.m. doing a history read-a-loud while Brynne does copywork.

Interesting American History lessons follow. It takes us at least an hour.
Next is lunch and personal reading time, even for Mom.

Time for Dawson to get to his Apologia Biology textbook and experiments.
Happiness abounds for Brynne with her MEP math lessons and Living math.
Everybody gathers back together for art time, with nature or artist studies.

Literature grabs Brynne and Mom as we read history living books. Thursdays, it's science.
It's time for Dawson to start wrapping up his day, with grammar, typing and/or Spanish.
Finally it's 3:00 and school is over. Eli and Kyndal come home from their schools, too.
Everybody gets to their personal time because the school day is done!

This is what our day looks like Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, Brynne and I spend the morning at our Homeschool Co-op and the afternoons running errands. On Thursday mornings she replaces her grammar, handwriting and copywork lessons with Dance class. And on Mondays, Dawson replaces his grammar, typing and Spanish lessons with Guitar lessons.

It's fun. It's busy. And I'm not sure whether it's doable. I think I might just have too much scheduled. We'll keep working this week to see how everything goes. But I might have to cut out a couple of things at the end of the day, busywork at this point, to give us some time in case we are running late. I'm pretty exhausted. But, we're only a few days in, so maybe we are just trying to get adjusted. Time will tell.

What works for you? The NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop is the place to be this week for the last Linky installment.


  1. I'll be checking your blog for updates on how Apologia Biology is going. The plan is for my oldest to use it next year with the lab equipment for his first year of high school. (He's taking a break from Apologia this year, so we're seeing how this curriculum goes but I'm pulled to Apologia.) Anyway, sounds like a doable schedule, but it depends on so much else! LOL I'm just starting to think of our daily schedule, but it will be much more simplified this coming year (and I'm anxious about that).

  2. It is always a battle to not overschedule. It sounds like a great day.

  3. One day I plan to fit exercize in my schedule :)LOL


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