Saturday, August 27, 2011

Study America Saturday ~ Getting Along

How were your American History studies this week? Write a post about it and link up with us!

This week we watched as John Smith and the early settlers made attempts to get Jamestown up and running with the constant threat of the ambushing indians, starvation, illness, and pompous gentlemen who were trying to run the colony.

Here is specifically what Dawson (and Brynne, at times) did in their studies:
We are reading the historical fiction novel, Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone. We have enjoyed the accounting by young Samuel, John Smith's servant, of the events of the early days of settling in Jamestown.

After reading about all of the difficulties John Smith had in getting the settlers to allow him to do what he did best (set up a colony, communicate with the Indians, be a leader), Dawson was thrilled to learn that John Smith is credited with the founding of Virginia.

Dawson and Brynne played "On the Trail with Captain John Smith", a simulation of the settling in Jamestown. It tells the story and has lots of interactive games.

Brynne also watched an interactive showing of the story of Pocahontas.

The majority of Dawson's American History studies this week consisted of research and completing notebooking pages. He also wrote two beautiful poems about Native Americans and Early Explorers, concentrating on the use of action verbs.

Next week Dawson will do studies of The Bloody Massacre and Paul Revere's Ride. As we have determined that this U.S. History study is a little meaty for Brynne, she will switch gears and study her first state, Virginia, in her U.S. States study.

Link up your American History post below. Be sure to include in your title an indication of what you studied this week, for easy searching by others (i.e. Journey2Excellence ~ Early Settlers)


  1. I bookmarked the Smith game! That looks fun! I never thought about checking out Nat Geo for Kids for games!

    We'll link up when we start up with school. Cati will be doing North American Explorers, Sam will be doing Draw Write Now Sea-to-Shining Sea, and Jake will be going Food Around the World. (I guess Jake's doesn't fit, huh? LOL)

    Anyway, looks like a great study!

  2. I failed to do anything blogworthy for history this week! Next week I hope to have some cool things to share and will participate. :)

  3. Oh, glad to find this linky because we're studying US history this year!


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