Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Bash the Learning, it's Summer!

We only have a week and a half until we officially start our second year of homeschooling. The temps have been over 110 for the past week. We are hot and unmotivated. This does not bode well for a mama teacher who still has some lessons to plan and some organizing to do. But, we'll be ready.

Every week this summer we have engaged in learning, which has been fantastic! This week there was no planned learning or lessons. Nada. We intended to bash learning, that's for sure! Instead, we did the following:

We worked at our church's Back-to-School Mission. We bashed our record from last year and gave away over 800 backpacks of school supplies! Along with that we gave free haircuts, new shoes, socks, underwear, scoliosis screenings, eye screenings and dental screenings. It was a long day with blessings galore. Okay, so we learned how to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

We bashed bowling pins with some friends. Bowling has become a favorite activity! And this week I was noticing that Eli and Brynne were actually holding the ball correctly, running to the line, throwing down the middle, and using the bumpers less often. Okay, so we learned more bowling skills and how to be patient and encouraging with our teammates.

Brynne had a swimming bash with some of her former school and neighborhood friends. It's great that she has such a wide variety of friends. Okay, so we learned that friends are friends no matter where they go to school.

We went to a company bash, for Rick's new company, at the zoo. They provided a nice meal, in an air-conditioned building (thank goodness!), free train rides and carousel rides and an evening of fun. Okay, so we learned about how the zoo animals behave in the evenings, cause the zoo closes at 5:00 p.m., and we were there late this time. And we learned that the new grizzly bear loves being housed near the carousel where he can "Move it, Move it" and that the new baby hogs are adorable!!

And we ended our week with our Co-op's Back-to-School Bash at a pool in a town 45 minutes away. We had a great time with the families in our Co-op, for the WHOLE 30 MINUTES WE GOT TO SWIM BEFORE IT STARTED LIGHTENING 3 COUNTIES AWAY AND THEY CLOSED US DOWN! But, there is an adorable little Kiddie Amusement Park in that same town, with 25 cent rides, so Eli and Brynne were able to dry their tears and have $6.00 worth of fun that made Eli announce that "this was the best day EVER!" Okay, so we learned that even though bad things happen to mess up our plans, that new and unexpected plans can be just as fun!

Okay, we were learning! Even when we are having fun, there's learning to be done.

There are homeschools doing real school now. Go see what exciting things they are purposefully learning at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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