Sunday, August 21, 2011

Science Sunday ~ The Human Body with the Small Head

This will be our first ever Science Sunday post linking up with Adventures in Mommydom. I am very excited to be officially venturing into the world of science with Brynne. We will do unit studies on Thursdays, using lots of library books and doing hands-on activities. We are starting with The Human Body.

This idea was launched when I received a bunch of free money from CSN. I decided to purchase as many homeschooling tools as I could. One of the things I purchased was The Magic School Bus: A Journey into the Human Body kit by Young Scientists.

It has a Teacher's Guide and lots of items for hands-on experiments. Then I decided to copy an idea I've seen on the web multiple times: Making a life-size body on a large poster and adding parts of the human body to it as we learn them. We are going to make ours 3D!

This week was just an introduction into what we will be learning, so we only did a couple of things:

We watched The Magic School Bus: Human Body dvd.

And then we traced Brynne's body onto a large poster. Dawson said, "Her head is so small!" She's always had a small head. When she was a baby, her head size was 8% when the rest of her body was 50% or above. It was funny to see how little her head is without all that hair!

Next week we will add bones! That's going to be fun!


  1. My kids heads were all over 95%, so I'm having a hard time conceiving of a small head.

    I can't wait to see how the rest of your unit goes, and what you think of the kit. I've had bad luck with kits so far.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Cute! I bet she'll have a blast adding parts to her life-size! The kits look like something my youngest would enjoy! Thanks for sharing!


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