Saturday, May 26, 2012

Big Bash

On Eli's last day of school, his school threw a Big Bash. In the morning the kids were treated to a couple of hours of inflatable fun. This is always a really great way to end a hard-working year of school. Brynne and I went to the school and spent the time with Eli, and she even got to hang out with some of her public school friends.

Eli LOVED his teacher Mrs. Ball, and SOBBED all the way home on the last day of school because he is going to miss her. Now THAT is a sign of a great teacher! (I don't recall Dawson and Brynne crying on our last day of school.)

And this was a Big way for Eli to Bash out of public school.


  1. Love it! Definitely a good teacher - you don't hear about that very often.

  2. My girls are very lucky to have amazing teachers at their school. Only 1 bad seed in a group of over 30.

    We love the school so much and count it as a blessing each day that they are able to attend a school they love so much!


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