Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freedom of Speech

** I posted this same thing on my personal blog, Taulman Times. Honestly, I am surprised that I have to post this here, on this blog. On Taulman Times, maybe, because I do get a little opinionated and offend people there sometimes.

Blogs are public forums. Those of us who blog know that what we say is fair game to positive and negative feedback and comments. It is often a place for debate. People disagree. That's okay. I have gone toe-to-toe with commenters in the past, those who did not know enough about what I was blogging about to judge me so harshly. However, I still felt that they had to right to state their opinion. In fact, one of those commenters and I have even become good bloggy friends! I follow her blog now and she still follows mine.

I recently posted something on this blog and received a couple of comments. Neither one offended me in the least, although one certainly had an opinion of her own about something I had said. I noticed later that she had deleted her comment. I wasn't sure why ... I was actually worried that maybe I had offended her by not replying to her comment. (I don't always get replies back in a timely manner, so please don't be offended if you don't get one quickly, or at all sometimes. Life happens.)

Anyway, this commenter, who is also a very respected bloggy friend, e-mailed me and told me that she had deleted it because she had received a nasty e-mail from someone about it.


I want my followers to feel free to express their opinion(s) to things I say on my blog. If I didn't want comments, I would not allow them. At the very least, if you disagree with something someone has left in a comment, please reply ON the blog so that all can see. It opens up a lively conversation and does not make someone feel as though they do not have the right to have an opinion and comment.

I just felt like I really had to say this.

I believe in the Freedom of Speech on my blog. (That being said, if you do have a snarky comment, DO NOT post it as "Anonymous". That's annoying and cowardly!)

Now, Keep Calm and Comment On ....


  1. How sad. I'm with you on freedom of speech on blog posts and commenting.

    I've deleted a few comments, but they were either mean/rude or not related to the post and were spammy or inappropriate.

  2. I agree with away! I may not agree and I might not support those thoughts, but it's those very comments and opinions that 1) get me thinking about things differently or 2) reinforce what I already believe and feel. Differences make us grow! But my BIG thing is always comment with respect - no name-calling, no bashing, no threats. That doesn't get the point across!

  3. Amen sister! FYI- you can set your settings to not allow anonymous posters. I changed mine because there were a couple of people who anonymously posted insults towards me in my comments! Rude! I suppose they could still set up a phony profile, but anyone who goes through that trouble to tell me off, I figure I am doing something right to make them that mad. OR they just don't have a life. LOL

    Great post!


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