Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Accomplishments

This was our last REAL week of school. And the way we handled it was just to spend each day completing a subject.

Dawson accomplished the following:
  • Completed Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra
  • Completed Critical Thinking
  • Completed up to the first review of GrammarKey Parts of Speech
  • Completed his Knights notebooking pages
  • Completed his unit on dissections by dissecting a starfish and a snake
  • Completed studying for his Driver's Ed written exam so he can test for his driving permit
  • Killed a Black Widow spider (not on the lesson plans, but necessary none-the-less)

Next week, on Monday and Tuesday, we have a couple of things left to do:
  • Finish reading The Templar
  • Finish watching Full Metal Jousting
  • Finish constructing the Assassin's Creed Altair Dagger
  • Work on Pearson's Homeschool Algebra II for upcoming review
  • Take 8th grade reading proficiency exam (for Driver's test requirement)
  • Take written test for Driver's permit

Brynne accomplished the following:
  • Performed at her Co-op Spring Choir program
  • Completed her Farm/Spider/Pig notebook
  • Completed her goal of reading 100 books!
  • Helped me complete a review of WriteShop
  • Helped me complete a review of RainbowSentences
  • Helped me complete a review of IXL

Next week, on Monday and Tuesday, we will do some of the following:
  • Work on more IXL
  • Finish listening to Charlotte's Web
  • Watch Charlotte's Web
  • Finish reading Pugsley from The Puppy Place series

Eli had a great week, too! He has two more days of school. Today I went to his Awards Assembly at school and he was awarded the Superintendent's Award for all A's all 4 quarters.

They accidentally gave him the wrong certificate, so they called him and one other boy up separately at the end to announce that they REALLY got the All A's award, not the A-B award. He was SO excited! He said, "that makes me feel so much better?"

He also erupted a volcano at school this week and made this salt dough map of the United States.

I am SOOO glad we are almost done with school. I need a brain break, and I know the kids do too.

We will continue to do some unit studies as they present themselves this summer, and we will participate in the Summer Reading Program at the library. But, other than that, we are on break until July 23rd. Yippppeeeee!!!!

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  1. Eli's smile is wonderful!!!

    I can't believe you guys got all that done AND the week of unit study posts. I'm in awe - I'm having one of those weeks where anything we managed to do seems like a huge accomplishment.:)

  2. Wow!! Ya'all got a lot done! I totally agree that killing the spider was necessary! Yikes!!

    Congrats to Brynne on her 100 books, that is a huge accomplishment!

    I am so excited for you that Eli is enrolling in your homeschool next year!

  3. I'm having trouble getting past the spider. Ack!!! lol

    Fabulously busy week. You all got so much done.

    Popping in from the WWU

  4. What a week! You guys are really coming in with a strong finish. I love all of your pictures.

  5. Ew! Dissecting! Bleck! LOL I'm going to have to be "brave" next year for Biology, aren't I? LOL

    Oh, thanks for that link about delight direct homeschooling for high schoolers! Really neat article! Such a lot of great suggestions (and some No-Nos that I've done LOL)! I especially like the documenting interests but not making them into school with tests and worksheets, etc. and the realistic approach that you SHOULD do core classes, but then let them delight-direct. Nice!


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