Monday, May 28, 2012

Bitstrips for Schools (Comic Creator) for Homeschoolers

Well I am really excited about a resource I have come across. It's called Bitstrips for Schools. It is a comic strip creator based on various lessons.

As we will be studying Current Events and U.S. Government this next year, I was wanting to find something interesting for Dawson to do to use his creative and artistic abilities. He loves to tell stories. At first I thought I might have him write a political cartoon every week based on something we had learned. But, that might require a lot of brain power to come up with something and be too difficult and time-consuming. I want what he does to be fun, not stressful.

Bitstrips has lessons for many different Civics topics. For instance, there is one called "Vote for my Party" that asks the student to research one of the political parties in an upcoming election and try to convince classmates why their party is the best choice. There are three different levels of difficulty: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary.

There are also several different class topics with tons of lessons: English, Science, Math, History, Social Studies, Arts, Civics, Values Education, Business Law, Health & Phys Ed, ESL/ELL, Other.

There are various subscriptions available. For homeschoolers, it only costs $2.95 per month (for up to 5 students) and you can save 25% by paying for a full year. That would only be $26.55 for the year.

The only negative I find is that it is a Candadian based company, so many of the lessons are based on Canadian topics. However, each one can be easily adapted to American events and topics.

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