Tuesday, May 8, 2012

K is for "Keepers at Home"

This week's letter of the week at Blogging Through the Alphabet, "K", is so timely!

I recently learned about a Club opportunity called "Keepers at Home". It is designed for girls ages 7-16 and is "designed to teach and prepare girls to become godly, competent keepers of the home, Christian wives, and mothers. It includes Bible reading, Bible memory, extensive skills for practical living, and creative handiwork." (from website)

In the summers, a small group of moms and girls from our Homeschool Co-op get together a couple of times a month for crafts, snacks, and play. Last year the moms chose a book to read together and discuss.

This year, we are thinking that we might start our own Keepers at Home Club. We will meet six times this summer, rotating between houses because there are six families. When it is your turn to host, you choose a skill from the book, provide the supplies, and lead the skill lesson. You also are in charge of the Bible verse and lesson, as well as lunch/snacks for the kids.

What is really cool is that we can order sashes and the girls can earn badges/pins to attach to their sashes. And, once summer is over, it's something that each of us moms can continue with our girls through the school year. Maybe we could get together periodically to share a skill or something. The sky's the limit!

This will be a fun way for our girls to spend their time together this summer! And, there is also a boys' book called Contenders of Faith, that would be great for Eli to use during the school year as well. I am thinking about it.

The plans for the girls are officially in the works, and everyone is really excited about it!!

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  1. I love the Keepers book. Currently we are choosing various projects from the book. When my daughter completes a project from each category she will receive a prize.


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