Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Renaissance Family

Just call us a Renaissance Family. We are "well-educated and excel in a wide variety of subjects or fields." But we are educated in a wide variety of ways, too. And, we do things our way! That's what I think of when I think of a Renaissance Man

Like this past week. It was not traditional. But it included a wide-variety of things!

We took a few days and went to visit my family in Missouri. My brother, who we had not seen in a year and a half, was visiting. In order to get to see him, we had to take some "school days" to do it. I still called it education. It was an education in family relations, and love. Some times we just need days like that.

Uncle Tim played with the kids on the playground at the elementary school across the street from my parents'. They were thrilled to spend time with him!

They also got an education in babies, because my sister is due in July, and Uncle Tim announced upon his arrival that he and his wife, his high-school sweetheart, Shawna, are expecting their first baby in October. We looked at ultrasounds and watched a baby move around inside Aunt Krissi's belly. Cool!

Then there was the lesson in horticulture. Papa and Grandma were awarded "Yard of the Month" while we were there! This is a big honor in their little town! And, they live right on Main Street, so everyone will see the all-important sign.

Before we left town, we had some legacy education when we went to visit Grandma in the nursing home. It was there that Eli picked up a nasty stomach bug, we believe. We were planning to "hit the books" on Thursday when we got home. But instead, we had some health education in caring for our very sick little man. We certainly learned about eliminating germs!

On Friday, Eli was "better" and able to go to school for the morning for his Track and Field Day at school. He had been looking so forward to going, so daddy took off work to take him (and keep an eye on him and keep him hydrated). He did great in the softball throw, three-legged race, foot race, and in the basketball shoot.

But it didn't take long before he was doing more of this.

Daddy took him home after the morning session so he could get some rest. He's all better now!

While Daddy and Eli were at Track and Field Day, Dawson, Brynne and I were at the Renaissance Festival! Dawson had requested that we do a unit study on Knights to end the school year. So, this was a perfect way to start our unit!

Brynne was "knighted" by a fairy named Lily. (Dawson was knighted here five years ago.)

We ended the week on a high note, that's for sure. Now I have some major planning to do for the next two weeks of school (and then we are on summer break!) Dawson will be doing his Knight study and finishing up his other subjects. At the last minute I decided that Brynne and I should celebrate the 60th anniversary of Charlotte's Web. So I am throwing together a unit on it, including studies of farms, pigs, and spiders. We started listening to the book on cd on the way to The Renaissance Festival. It was my Favorite (and really ONLY) Resource this week.

She also wanted to know what it would be like if she was water (huh?), so I'll be checking out a Magic Schoolbus video to watch, and she caught a lightening bug that she has housed in her bug holder, so we should learn about those too.

Delight-directed learning!

As always, linking up at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Learning ALL the Time! Didn't get a collage done this week, but check out Collage Friday anyway for some great ideas!


  1. What a great field trip! I am not sure I could bring myself to put my neck in that contraption- I shudder to think about it. Wonderful week! And glad your little guy is feeling better.

  2. Wow, Nicole - some fantastic photos in this set! What a great-looking week, too!

  3. Look how much taller than his uncle Dawson is! I know he's tall! My oldest just hit 5'7" at 13 years 2 months.

    What a fun week! Definitely so much DELIGHT-DIRECTED learning! (I love that phrase!)

    Oh, I wanted to ask you about what you used for curriculum for World History? I really enjoy your approach and I'm stuck for my younger two (5th and 2nd).

  4. So much fun things going on with you all! The Renaissance Festival looks like a blast!

  5. Looks like it was a great trip, even if there was a little return gift. Missouri is a wonderful place for a trip too (or to live, like we do). :)

    The Renaissance Festival looks so fun! I don't remember ours being that cool. Mostly mud, humidity and heat at the local ones here. The knights unit sounds like the perfect way to end a school year.

    I hope you have a good remainder of the year!

  6. What an awesome week, although I'm sorry to hear Eli was sick.
    Thanks for linking with Favorite Resources...a unit study about Charlotte's Web sounds great :)


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