Monday, May 13, 2013


Sonic for lunch in the car on a mini road trip ... $11.58.

Mother-Daughter tattoos at the end of that road trip ... $210.00.

Spending the whole day with your daughter, marking something off your bucket lists, together ...  on the day she graduates from high school .... PRICELESS!

For graduation, Kyndal wanted a tattoo. On Wednesday night she, jokingly, said, "We should get mother-daughter tattoos." On Thursday I texted her and asked what she was doing on Friday morning because I thought we should go get those tattoos. She was blown away ... couldn't believe I was serious!

I thought I had passed through my phase of wanting to get a tattoo, but then decided that it would be such a cool thing for her and I to do together. I had a bird put on my upper back, by my shoulder. It is shaded in yellow, which is Kyndal's birthstone color. It symbolizes my first child leaving the nest, flying away into her future. I plan to have a bird tattoo added each time one of the kids graduate, with their birthstone color shaded in.

Kyndal chose to get the phrase, "She flys with her own wings" put on the top of her foot. Yes, we know it says "flys" instead of "flies". We like it better. She is going to go back and have angel wings added to it.

The last couple of days I have been feeling very nostalgic, sad, and proud, all at the same time. During the commencement, the graduates passed out red roses to the people in their lives who meant so much to them. They did it to this song, "Blink" by Revive.

I don't think I will ever hear that song that I do not think of Kyndal. What a crazy ride it's been. It has been such a roller coaster. But, Kyndal is a unique girl who definitely flys with her own wings. She always has, and she always will. She has taught me to not take life quite so seriously, to not worry so much about messing up, and to not live so much in fear.

What memories!


  1. I bet she AND you will remember this special day forever!

  2. LOVE the tattoos and LOVE that you did it with your daughter.
    You know I'm in a "I can't believe Gage is turning 18" phase, right? Well, I got a tattoo over Spring Break to represent both my boys. It's my very 1st one and I am so glad I did it. Gage couldn't do it with me because he wasn't 18 yet (& I really think he'd rather do that with his dad). I'll have to post a pic and the story with it someday.

  3. What a wonderful day with your daughter. This post made me tear up. It goes by so fast!

  4. Love the tattoos. Did you see on my blog recently that I wrote about Scott training to be a tattoo artist?

    1. Yes, Diane, I did ... that is AWESOME! Those guys are just true artists. It blows my mind!


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