Thursday, May 16, 2013

WWE were there!

Monday night Rick and I had the time of our lives with Eli and Brynne. We attended WWE Monday Night Raw in Tulsa! Oh ... my ... gosh ... IT WAS SO FUN!

Now, this is one of those things that had you told me a year ago that I would be doing it, I would have laughed in your face .. like REALLY hard! (That ranks right up there with getting a tattoo! Who am I?) But right before Eli's birthday this past year, he received some hand-me-down WWE figures and a ring from a friend and he has been hooked ever since. I mean really hooked! Which means that we, as a family, eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. It's been contagious and Brynne is almost as big a fan as Eli.

When we found out they were coming close, we had to go! We had the BEST seats! We were right on the corner of the ring in the risers, 10 rows up. And we saw EVERYBODY we wanted to see (except for Rey Mysterio, Eli's favorite). Yes, it's staged and acted out, but it's like seeing any other celebrity. It's just fun! And, it doesn't hurt that a couple of them look pretty, um, nice in their costumes. (I have the hots for John Cena, Rick has the hots for Randy Orton.)

The kids were so excited and so cute! They sang theme songs, cheered, boo'd, gave thumbs up and thumbs down, screamed chants. It was awesome! Brynne just kept saying, "I can't believe we are here." and "This is the best night of my life!" and "I am so glad this is not a dream." Eli was so overwhelmed that he was, literally, speechless at the end. He was in a daze.

Here are just a couple of pics. I won't bore you with the other 77. If you don't follow WWE, you could care less, I know.

Sin Cara ... a very exciting pre-show surprise!

Eli spent the majority of the time in this position, or high-fiving Rick.

Randy Orton ... yeah, we kind of like him.

My love, John Cena.

Eli and Brynne jamming out with the 3MB.

The steel cage match. THIS was a good one!

What memories we made Monday night. And, it won't be our last live WWE event. It was really just too much fun!! Money VERY well spent!!


  1. Me I'm a Rock fan but not wrestling. Never seen him wrestle but he is HOT! :)

    Glad you had fun, I bet Dawson had fun having the house to himself too :)

    When does he get out of school for the summer?


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