Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Best Part About Graduation ... The Party!!

After a couple of extremely stressful days in our personal life, it's good to spend some time putting together this post about Kyndal's family graduation party. Because when it's all said and done, family is all that really matters anyway.

On Saturday our family, and a few friends, celebrated Kyndal's high school graduation with a cookout and fun day at my parents' lake house. Those attending were me, Rick, Dawson, his girlfriend Taylar, Eli, Brynne, my mom and dad, my niece Rylee and her boyfriend Cade, Kyndal and her boyfriend Collin, Collin's mom Pam and brother Austin (dad Tracy was working on their deck), my uncle Jon and aunt Dixie, next door neighbors at the lake (and boys who Kyndal actually went to high school with for a time in the first town she lived in with her dad) Channin, Dalton and Dakotah.

Oh, and Crusoe was there!

We grilled burgers and hot dogs, had hashbrown potato casserole, pea salad, pasta salad, chips, brownies, lemon bars and drinks. The adults mostly just sat around on the deck and the dock and enjoyed the beautiful day!

The kids fished and rode the wave runner.

And we went on a boat ride. The little kids even got out on the couch for some splashing fun!

It was just such a great day spent with family and friends celebrating Kyndal and her accomplishments!


  1. Congrats to Kyndal...and you are SO is everything! Job well done, Mom:)

  2. Those are great pictures. That looks like so much fun! Congratulations to Kyndal!!!

  3. Congratulations again. Most definitely a reason to celebrate.

  4. Now that's a party!! How fun.

  5. Beautiful pic! What great memories you captured!

  6. Congratulations! What a wonderful way to celebrate.

  7. What a great party! It looks like you all had fun!


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