Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Day ~ May

Our First Day of May was busy! It was a beautiful day, right before another set of storms and cold weather coming in, so we crammed in some schoolwork in the morning and headed out for an afternoon of much-needed grocery shopping and errands. I'm joining Nicole at Journey to Josie in her First Day linky. It's fun. You should do it.

Watching Feisty and Derrick, our resident squirrels, playing in the trees.

Easing into the day. (One of these days we might move that playhouse out of the sitting room.)

Treat time!

Schoolwork before a day of errands.

A grocery list and clipped coupons.

Graduation announcements.

Aldi had bread on sale for 25 cents per loaf! These went into the freezer.

A new softball helmet. Ready for the first game next week!

These boxes are usually filled with goodies for the kids.

But not this time! My new Sanctuary denim shorts arrived! Think anyone will notice if I wear these every day this summer?

Chickweed and olive oil. The first step to our Chickweed Salve! (Herb Fairies is fun!)

Posters given to Eli by one of Dawson's friends.

Banana mini-muffins for our Wednesday night potluck.

Yes I know her helmet isn't on correctly. I fixed it right after the photo.

Walking to church and taking advantage of a beautiful day (before yucky weather comes back!)
Hanging out with Dawson before bed. (That poster on the wall looks raunchy from this angle. It's just Katy Perry.)


  1. Love that ou can walk to church! We had nice weather here but it's chilly again today. Booooo!!

  2. Cute shorts! I say go for it, no one will notice! : )

  3. course some say Katy Perry is raunchy, I like her though she isn't afraid to say what she feels and be who she is!!! :)

    dusting to 6 inches of snow here expected by this time tomorrow I'm voting for dusting so we will probably get the 6 inches. Oh well tomorrows high is 42 it will melt.

    This payday I went to Sams and the grocery. We are stocked up and over flowing. I just wish Sams had whole wheat flour since that is all we use for homemade breads, muffins and pizza crust. :(

  4. A great May Day! I love that Dawson doesn't mind his siblings hanging out! What a great big brother!

  5. What a busy day. Stay warm!

    PS ... I LOVE! It's one of the few place that include Hawaii in "free shipping". :)

  6. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day! It must be nice to be walking distance from church. :)

    1. We can walk EVERYWHERE in this town! :)


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