Monday, May 20, 2013

Dating Through the Alphabet ~ Church

Well, I have to admit I have not been diligent in planning dates for Rick and I. It seems that when he is here on the weekends, our weekends are full. What that really means is that I have NOT made a date night a priority like I had intended. For that, I feel horrible. We allow his weekends here to be monopolized with time spent with the kids, family events, kids' activities and yard work. It is only my fault that I have not made that intentional effort to set aside time for just the two of us.

This weekend was no exception. But, we did get away without the kids on Sunday morning as we travelled out of town with my bell choir from church to play in a little country church that had invited us. We were with other people, but we still had some fun together without the kids.

After our performance, nine of us went to a local winery for lunch. It was kind of funny for all of us to show up in our United Methodist Church shirts to eat lunch and drink wine. Yes, we drank wine. We had a GREAT time!! Lots and lots of laughs and a beautiful setting! The food was great! It felt like we were in Italy. Gorgeous!!

Who says Church can't be fun?? And who says Church can't be a fun date??

Do you have a date you would like to Link up?? I'd love for you to, if you do.

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  1. What a pleasant (& ironical) surprise to see you post. Last weekend, I posted several inexpensive & fun date nights. I'm planning the Passport to Love with Steve.

    Kerry Beck


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