Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blogging Through the Alphabet (Favorites Edition) ~ C is for Chamomile Tea

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You thought I was going to say coffee, didn't you? There was a time that I definitely would have. But I have some pretty serious reflux issues that necessitated a trip to the doctor and a prescription of Prilosec. The acid levels in coffee and my beloved green tea were major culprits in my anguish.

Before going to the doctor I did some research and learned that chamomile tea is good for reflux sufferers. So, I (reluctantly) gave it a try. I was worried because I do not like flavored coffees or teas and I don't like things too sweet. But, the chamomile was a pretty good balance. It only took a few cups for me to get used to it tasting different than green tea.

I was still having major heartburn and burning in my throat at night, even with that change. Many foods were bothering me and I was just miserable and losing lots of sleep. So after suffering for about five years, I broke down and went to the doctor. Dietary changes just weren't going to cut it.

At the time I met with the doctor I told her I just wanted her to give me something that would allow me to start drinking coffee again. She said that after a period of time I could try to integrate some of my triggers to see how I tolerated them.

I was feeling much better within a week or two, but didn't want to chance it. I did have a cup of coffee at church one morning and didn't feel any effects. I even found that I could drink a large travel cup filled with coffee one morning when I had a long early morning drive. I didn't have any problems then, either.

You would think these instances would make me want to start brewing up a pot of coffee each morning again. Because, if you know me, coffee was my number one favorite thing in the world. I have always thought of drinking coffee as an experience, and have been a coffee drinker since I was in high school.

But, I have found that I don't crave coffee anymore. I don't crave the morning caffeine rush. Instead, I crave a warm, comforting cup of chamomile. In fact, I drink about 4 to 6 cups of a it a day. I like it that much.

So chamomile has replaced my desire for coffee. And my stomach thanks me.

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  1. Not a tea or coffee person here, but so glad you have found something that makes you feel better! We do use chamomile essential oils and love it! :)

  2. I am glad you have found chamomile. As a coffee lover, it would be a hard thing to give up. I will say I have been drinking more tea since moving to England.

  3. I love chamomile tea. I've started drinking it to help me sleep, and I think it's working!

    Thanks for linking up with #abcblogging :)

  4. I've never been able to like coffee, although I have a husband and son who love it. My drink of choice in plain old black tea. I've never liked the flavored teas either. But it sounds like chamomile has some very good effects. :-)

  5. I wish I could drink that it messes up my hayfever allergen and makes me feel like I've laided in a meadow of flowers. :) I love green, and white teas. I also have a cup of Irish Breakfast tea in the morning. :) I cup of tea and a book and I'm a happy gal

  6. I drink 2-3 cups of hot tea a day. My craving for coffee completely went away. It makes me feel nauseous after I drink it!


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