Friday, May 2, 2014

First Day ~ May

I usually link up this post with Nicole at Journey to Josie. But Nicole's little boy is in the ICU following a minor setback from open heart surgery he had about a month ago. Please be praying for Gabe and the Popes as they endure another hospital stay and work to heal up their baby.

Here is how our First Day of May was spent.

A verrrryyyy early start to my day with a conference two hours away.

A little help for the drive.

Made a stop at HB while I was in Springfield. First time I have been in one in over two years. I love Hobby Lobby!
Lunch in the car.

Stopped for groceries on my way home.

Brynne's latest obsession.

And Eli's latest one.

Free ice cream cones on Customer Appreciation Day!

Creating artwork for her new room.

Brynne's new room in the basement.

Brynne is the pitcher on her softball team. Way to go!!!

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  1. Love seeing all the fun pictures! Happy May!
    We have been praying for Gabe!!!


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